Written for the citizen consumer, healthcare professional and employer who asks:

                       What is health reform going to mean for me?

If you want to know more, this is the book for you. It is written in response to politicians attempting to hijack healthcare at the expense of the American people. As both a physician and economist, Dr. Smith plainly lays out the problems and real, workable solutions. With clinical and administrative experience, Dr. Smith has worked in every area of healthcare, from hospitals to insurance companies. She has seen what’s worked and what hasn’t in the United States, Europe and the Third World.

The answers to how healthcare is actually delivered and where the money is really going will likely surprise you. If we are going to have a serious debate about healthcare, it is time for the American people, healthcare professionals and employers to fully understand and reclaim this most important issue.

This is a clear and forceful description of how healthcare is delivered and paid for in this country. It includes a well-documented analysis of the crisis in healthcare facing us and offers real solutions. This should be read by all those involved in healthcare reform.

Cheryl Opalack DO, MPH, FAOCOPM
                  former National Medical Director, Office of Workers’ Compensation,
                  U.S. Department of Labor

                    Ronald R. Blanck, DO, MACP
                                   Lieutenant General, US Army (retired)
                                   former U.S. Army Surgeon General
                                   former President, University of North Texas Health Sciences Center
                                   Chairman, Martin, Blanck & Associates

Dr. Smith is a highly qualified and knowledgeable physician, with international experience in the delivery of healthcare. Her advice for healthcare reform is very timely and credible.          


Hard Cover